Boost your antioxidants by adjusting your TV’s colour temperature to ‘WARM’

For millennia we have gathered round a fire at night and gazed into the warm red flames. Now we gather round a cool white LED fire bursting with blue light.

TV manufacturers have been making their TVs as bright and as blue as possible. Our brains perceive blue light as brighter and it is more engaging. It makes our brain think that it is still day time so it suppresses our night time physiology which is awash with the most potent antioxidant melatonin.

There is now a colour temperature adjust setting which manufacturers leave preset at the bluest or coolest setting 10,000K+. Despite the fact that 6500K is considered daylight by industry standards on some televisions this is considered ‘warm.’

Cool/Cold: 10000K+
Neutral/Normal: 7500K 9300K
Warm 1: 6500- 7500K
Warm 2: 5000- 6500K

I am writing this blog in Autumn and daylight saving time is upon us. This means the evenings are darker earlier and there is an opportunity to get long evenings full of melatonin rather just the few hours we are asleep.

I would advise everyone to check there TV settings and adjust them to warm. Especially if you mainly watch TV after dark. For day time use TV Neutral may look better.

Staring at blue light after dark is not a good idea as it shifts your body clock, suppressing your melatonin rhythm. Melatonin the ancient molecule of darkness is vitally important for sleep, detoxing, hormone balancing, cancer prevention and reduction.

Melatonin is the most potent anti-oxidant known. It is both fat and water soluble and crosses the blood brain barrier.