10 ways to protect your body clock, sleep and health.

  1. Get warm side lights for evening and turn off over head lights at sunset.
  2. Download F.LUX onto your computer
  3. Add Twilight app for android phones and tablets or use orange screen protectors.
  4. Ensure NightShift is on Sunset to sunrise and on warmest setting.
  5. Add NightVision short cut if you use your phone late at night or in a dark room.
  6. Turn phone off or turn airplane mode on, if you sleep near your phone
  7. Turn wifi off at night
  8. Get 30 mins to an hour outside every morning (or more if you can!)
  9. Turn the colour temperature on your TV to ‘WARM’.
  10. Use orange glasses in places where you can’t adjust the light source.

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