Firefly torches and Mela book launch at Steiner Advent Fair


A huge thanks to everyone who visited our stall and bought firefly torches at the Steiner Advent Fair.

If you want to buy more Fireflies I have just opened my shop on Etsy – fireliteflies 

We also had ‘Mela and the Fireflies’ book out on display and collected a list of interested people to help us get it published.


Below are the How to Firelite tips to warm up your evenings!

  • Download FLUX for laptops/desktops – free software to warm up screen tones after dark.
  • Turn on NIGHTSHIFT mode on iPhones (sunset to sunrise.)
  • Add Twilight free app for android phones and tablets or use orange screen protectors.
  • Use warm side lamps in the evening after dark avoiding bright white lights.
  • Turn the colour temperature on your TV to ‘WARM’.
  • Turn off wifi at night.
  • Yellow/amber glasses can be worn after dark if you feel the urge.

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