Firefly torches and Mela book launch at Steiner Advent Fair


A huge thanks to everyone who visited our stall and bought firefly torches at the Steiner Advent Fair.

If you want to buy more Fireflies I have just opened my shop on Etsy – fireliteflies 

We also had ‘Mela and the Fireflies’ book out on display and collected a list of interested people to help us get it published.


Below are the How to Firelite tips to warm up your evenings!

  • Download FLUX for laptops/desktops – free software to warm up screen tones after dark.
  • Turn on NIGHTSHIFT mode on iPhones (sunset to sunrise.)
  • Add Twilight free app for android phones and tablets or use orange screen protectors.
  • Use warm side lamps in the evening after dark avoiding bright white lights.
  • Turn the colour temperature on your TV to ‘WARM’.
  • Turn off wifi at night.
  • Yellow/amber glasses can be worn after dark if you feel the urge.

Daytime wounds heal 60% FASTER than night time wounds

A study published in Science Translational Medicine, examined 118 patients at NHS burns units. They found night time wounds took an extra 11 days to heal. As each cell in the body has a biological clock. Our cells have evolved over millions of years, anticipating damage during the day but not at night.

Detailed lab work showed skin cells called fibroblasts were changing their abilities in a 24-hour pattern.

Fibroblasts are the body’s first responders, rushing to the site of injury to close a wound.

During the day they are primed to react, but they lose this ability at night.