How to turn on ‘Night Shift’ on your iPhone

Exposure to blue light is important during the day. Conversely it is not something we have evolved with after dark (apart from moon and star light) and it adversely effects our biological rhythms.

Smart phones, tablets and computers expose us to a high level of blue light this tricks our brains into thinking it is still day time when exposed after dark.

There is evidence for increased risk of heart attack, cancer, Alzheimer’s and obesity.

Fortunately there is software available which can mimic the day and night warming up the tones of the screen to firelight colours after dark.

These include F.lux for computers, Twilight for android and Night Shift for iPhones, and iPads.

There will be more detailed information about this on the rest of the site. For now please turn on your ‘Night Shift’.

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Display and Brightness
  3. Slide across to turn on Night Shift
  4.  Click on the Custom Schedule times to reveal the Sunset to Sunrise button.
  5.  Select Sunset to Sunrise to sync with the day and night.nightshift2
  6. Slide colour temperature to the maximum ‘More Warm’


That’s it.

This is currently available with iOS 9.3. Some earlier models are not able to update to this software.